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Get a prepaid MasterCard®

Pay online and offline with a Global CP Prepaid MasterCard

An award-winning, private and secure service to our customers. We’ve designed the Global CP prepaid card from MasterCard to give you the freedom to spend your money wherever you want, with the peace of mind guaranteed by our industry-leading secure payment systems that look after your security and privacy.

Global CP Prepaid MasterCard

A prepaid card works just like a credit card, with one big difference – you can only spend the money you have in your account. You load your Global CP Prepaid MasterCard by making a deposit to your online payment account. Getting a prepaid MasterCard is as easy as following these simple steps:

  1. Apply for a Global CP Services Prepaid MasterCard
  2. Transfer money online to fund your card
  3. Use your prepaid card securely anywhere MasterCard is accepted

Benefits of a Prepaid MasterCard

A low-cost prepaid card

Why choose a Global CP Prepaid MasterCard? Well, they’re among the best priced prepaid cards on the market, featuring no annual fees, monthly or dormancy fees. Global CP provides a payment account with both on and offline solutions.

Secure offline payment solutions

Chip and PIN technology has become global standard for debit and credit cards, and with good reason. Combining a “smart” chip and personal identification number means your prepaid MasterCard is protected like any other card with Chip and PIN technology, and that the only one who can use your card is you.

Your money’s safe with us

Global CP has worked hard to become a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorized company. Global CP holds more than 100% of your account balance in trust accounts, which means your money’s always there when you need it.

Daily ATM cash withdrawal limit

Global CP customers can withdraw up to $xxx  (or equivalent) from ATMs, so if you need instant cash your money is always close at hand.

Private – secure payment systems to protect you

Make private purchases

Global CP provides secure payment systems to its customers, in both on and offline settings. We believe it’s nobody’s business but your own where you choose to spend your money. The Global CP Prepaid MasterCard features confidential card transaction histories, with no paper statements, to help protect your privacy – in keeping with our security measures for making transactions online.

Minimize your risk

One of the problems with debit and credit cards is that they’re frequently associated with your bank account. By keeping your spending money in our online payment account, you minimize the risk of fraud.

Protect your personal information with top-notch payment security

Our industry-leading secure payment systems are encryption technology, identity verification, real-time transaction monitoring and many more to ensure your account information is always secure.