Send Unlimited Amounts of Payments

Check Fulfillment Services that Pays

Send payments around the world, by mail or courier, with our check issuing service. All checks are sent by first class mail or FedEx directly to your payees around the world.

Global CP helps you turn checks into a powerful marketing tool by offering you the chance to add a personalized logo, special security features, and include a personalized letter with every check.

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eChecks, Prepaid and Credit Cards

Global CP’s Merchant Services includes a range of payment options: eChecks (ACH), prepaid cards, credit cards, and cash transfers. Global CP has in-depth knowledge of various business sectors and we provide solutions that are specifically designed for each industry we accommodate.

Global CP offers an end-to-end payment solution through our comprehensive payment gateway. The solution is flexible, secure and the integration is effortless.

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Cash Transfer Solution

Tap into the large number of consumers that use cash for everyday transactions with our Global CP Direct® money transfer solution.

Global CP Direct provides merchants with a network of retail outlets that will service cash payments for their business.

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We provide global payment solutions and fulfillment