Batch Services for Mass Payment Issuing

Global CP Services - Batch Services for Mass Payment Issuing

Pay your recipients easily and quickly with our Batch Service for  Mass Payment Issuing solution.

Easier Than Ever

If you make regular payments to a lot of people, you know how time consuming it can be. Mailing individual checks can be very costly. Mass Payments solves both problems instantly. You can pay recipients in multiple currencies. No more printing checks or paying postage, just upload a list of recipients with their email addresses and payment amounts, then click Send. Minutes later, the recipients get an email with a link to their payment.

Competitive Pricing

Your recipients pay nothing to receive payments. You pay a low transaction fee of 2% for each payment, capped at $1 per payment. So if someone is lucky enough to receive a $10,000 payment from you, your payment fee is only $1*. And because you save money on postage, stationery, and the time it takes to mail checks, Mass Payments could help reduce your running costs.

Your Recipients Will Thank You

Mass Payments gets the money to grateful recipients very fast with our FedEx overnight service. Whether you need to send 5 payments or 15,000 payments at a time you will appreciate the simple, straight forward batch format for issuing checks and electronic payments.  We also support API integration for automatic processing of high volumes of individual payments.

  • Universal file format for all payment types: check issuing, local electronic payment types such as ACH credits, SEPA payments, EFT, etc.
  • Upload files at your desktop via Internet directory or “webfolder”; or from anywhere in the world using Global CP Affiliate’s secure online file server.
  • Alternatively build batches of outbound payments using our API communication protocols.  We support a high degree of automation.
  • Send any mix of amounts and currencies in a single file.
  • Take advantage of generous reference and table fields to create optional letters, statements or marketing pieces which we will print and insert with every check at no further cost.

If you need to send payments one at a time instead of by batch, pleases see our Virtual Terminal for Individual Payment Issuing.