Check Issuing

Global CP Services - Check Issuing

Efficient Check Fulfillment

Global CP can print and mail (first class) or courier (FedEx) professional branded checks for you within minutes. We do not act as a middleman for the transaction. We simply include your routing and account number at the bottom of every check so banks can accurately process the deposited checks. Your checks can be branded and letters or marketing material can accompany the check.

When your payee deposits a Global CP printed check, the funds are drawn directly from your account just like a normal bank check.

The Global CP back office provides the ability to upload a batch file or to process individual checks. There is no restriction to the number of checks or the number of different currencies that can be represented in a single file. The back office also includes a full suite of reporting tools as well as cash-flow management features.

Check Fulfillment Service that Pays

Transform your payout process into a powerful marketing touch point by branding your checks and including marketing material with the delivery.

With Global CP’s Check Fulfillment Service you have a lot of room for creativity. In addition to the beneficiary name and address, there is room for over 1,000 characters of personalization and the option of adding a single page insert.

All checks are sent through first class mail or FedEx directly to your beneficiaries worldwide. Enhanced tracking can be provided through our low cost FedEx delivery option.

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